Mary Lee

"My sister, Mary, looked absolutely stunning the day she married the love of her life on 2/5/16. Her make-up and hair were flawlessly done by Jen, and not only was it done perfectly, but I noticed Jen was so calm and relaxed during the entire session, even with all the commotion of family, kids, and excitement running in and out of the room, she was very sweet and professional. 

She brought the look that my sister wished for "come to life"...exactly. Mary looked like a model on the page of a Vogue Bridal Magazine...actually, even better in my eyes!  She was absolutely breathtaking!  Jen's artistry was the perfect finish to the amazing gown my sister wore. I hope to have Jen transform me if I ever need her! She is a very talented hair and make-up extraordinaire!" 

Wendy Avery

"Jennifer Pham did the make up and hair for my author head shots.  She is a visionary artist who is an expert at color and technique. Jen is a good listener and easy to communicate with. She styled my makeup and hair for the entirety of the photoshoot to ensure I looked flawless. Jen perfected a natural look with dramatic eyes and my photos turned out amazing. She made me (a non-makeup wearing tomboy) feel relaxed and beautiful. I highly recommend Jennifer Pham of Phamous Beauty as a make up artist and stylist for your special occasion, wedding day or publicity photos." 

Wendy Avery, author

Jenny Phan

I am SO SO SO SO glad that Phamous Beauty was available for my wedding day! She made me feel absolutely beautiful on my big day! She's such a sweetheart and my bridesmaids absolutely loved how they looked! Definitely booking JP again for any and all my future "big moments" <3 Thanks for making me look flawless!

Monica Waidmann

This is long overdue! I had my wedding at calamigos on 5/14/16 and was recommended Phamous beauty and was so glad I did. Jen did my engagement and wedding make-up. She made the appointments easy and straightforward. I am a very undecided person and needed a lot fo help and guidance and she really pulled through. Both times, she met me in a convenient place to do my make-up and recommended I get hair extensions and helped me through the process of finding the right ones (because I had no idea what I was doing). My bridesmaids loved her and she is really down to earth and easy to get along with. 

Her prices are very reasonable and I highly recommend her to anyone. Actually my MOH ended up using her skills for her newborn shoot. She is very hardworking and does her best to make everyone happy and welcomed. Couldn't be happier for her. I would definitely use her again if I had the occasion. Jen's great. I am not a big yelp reviewer or reviewer of anything but I felt compelled to write this review because she definitely deserves it and She is definitely going places. 

Heidi Yao

I had the ultimate pleasure of meeting Ms. Jennifer Pham on the day of my friend's wedding. From the very start of th day, she came early to setup and laid out all her makeup goods along with her fancy studio chair, which I loved a lot because not all makeup artists bring their own chair, and it makes sitting and getting glammed up super comfortable. I've had my makeup done from other artists before, but what set her apart was the skills and knowledge that she was willing to share. Not only was she sweet, kind, friendly, personable and professional, but she was and is very knowledgeable about makeup, skin care, products and everything you need to know to not only make your face look better with makeup, but how to treat your skin as well. I never really had acne before nor bought any products to take care of my face, but once I became pregnant in my early 30s, I had pimples and scarring and I wanted a lot of coverage to hide it for my friend's big day. She gave me so much advice and taught me so much about my own skin and how I can take care of it at home by making my own organic face masks. Not only was she helpful during the service, but even when I texted and bugged her afterwards, she was always so quick to reply and give her sound advice on which products she thought was good/bad etc. What also set her apart was that she used an airbrush pen for my foundation, instead of a regular makeup brush. It feels so light and great on my skin and looks so smooth and better in pictures. Another amazing thing that I loved about Jen was her ability to differentiate how she did her makeup for each person. Four people got their makeup done by her on the wedding day, and obviously everyone has different features and a different face, but she really took the time and knew how to make each person look good with the features that they already have. Once she's done with your makeup, you are left feeling beautiful and refreshed. Your makeup doesn't feel or look caked on at all. It all feels and looks very natural. Most importantly, it lasts all day, which is super important for your big event. With some artists, they leave you feeling like they just copied how they did one person's makeup to your face without really taking the time to know how to do makeup for just you and your face .. meaning anyone can put makeup on anyone's face, but knowing how to highlight your good features, and/or hiding the bad features, and really just knowing how to accent your face is definitely what she can do. Jen Pham is the real deal!! After my lovely treatment at my friend's wedding, I quickly booked her for my own maternity shoot and loved the turnout. I have also referred her to many of my other friends and they all instantly loved her and booked her too. Thus, I highly recommend her not just for her excellent makeup and hair services, but honestly for Jennifer Pham, as a sweet person and a lifelong friend. She's beautiful inside and out, passionate about her job, highly skilled and talented, differentiates her technique from person to person, and really extends her wealth of knowledge and care past the hours that you're sitting in her fancy chair getting glammed up. Thanks so much for being so good and amazing at being you, Jennifer Pham!! You've really inspired me to take such great care of my skin and I love you so much for everything since the first day we met! Spread your glam, Pham, and keep on glamming it up!! <3

Leilani Phan

I LOVE the work Phamous Beauty has done for me! She's done my makeup for 3 different occasions: senior portraits, prom, and my sisters wedding! I recieved SO MANY compliments from strangers and friends\family! Even after the events, my friends would constantly remind me how good my makeup looked in my senior photos and at prom. I didn't even have to worry about any touchups on my makeup because it lasted the whole event! Phamous Beauty is definitly the sweetest and most talented person to have ever worked with and known! I was pretty nervous during my first session, but she was very talkative and made me feel comfortable each time she's done my makeup. Can't wait to have her do my makeup and hair for future events!

Eunice Lee

I met Jennifer at a Kate Spade bridal event shortly after I got engaged and immediately loved her energy! One of my good friends and bridesmaids had also been a client of hers in the past so I was delighted to meet her. And my friend’s raving reviews were consistent with how Jennifer took care of me and my bridal party! I really wanted to get a hair and make up package done together for my wedding and she was quick to put together a team that included LeeAnne Hare for hair and herself for make up. I decided that I wanted to have Jen also do my hair and make up for my engagement shoot in which we had to do a little traveling (from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara) so she was happy to have me come to her home early on a Sunday to glam me up! My hair and make up was perfect all day despite the wind, dust, sweat and all the things that happen to a bride during an all day photo shoot! We did my bridal trial as well as both my mom and my mother in law’s trial the same day. Jen and LeeAnne were awesome in coordinating and coming to my place to make things happen. It felt like hanging out with old friends as Jen and LeeAnne are warm, caring, positive and intuitive with what we wanted for my special day. Jen also throughout this time gave me specific product and regime recommendations to brighten, moisturize and bring up the overall health of my skin! I have combo skin and haven’t really known how to deal with it, and Jen literally gave my skin life! Wedding day was fantastic, again it felt like spending time with old friends who were in the moment with my and my bridal party, calm, professional and quick! My bridal party LOVED their looks and the moms looked stunning :) I honestly was speechless when I saw my own final look - this had to be a dream! I loved the colors and tones that Jen brought to my look and I felt like a princess all throughout the wedding day, and honestly through this whole process! Jen was fantastic at communication, quick with emails and texts, as well as accommodating my last minute requests and changes in the itinerary and invoice. I highly recommend Jen and company for any of your special events!!

Jenny Sophabmixay

Jen Pham is absolutely amazing when it comes to her craft. You'll see her passion in her eyes when you first meet her. I admire the fact that she is so knowledgeable not only about makeup but also your overall skin care. She is so versitile and is able to tackle everyone's wants and requests. I love the fact that the way she does makeup is so light and natural and the fact that that she enhances rather than cakes your face. She has an eye for a person's beauty and enhances what she believes is an already a beautiful person. She makes you feel so comfortable looking flawless and make you feel like you, even with makeup on. Jen is absolutely amazing and I will recommend her to anyone

Jeniffer Park

If you're looking for someone who can highlight your best features without looking "caked up," Jennifer is your girl. She helped our bridal team look radiant and glowing. We loved our make ups so much, we took tons and tons of photos & selfies. I was personally impressed at her professionalism, her punctuality, and her genuine love for her job - which radiates through her work! She gave me tips on how to take care of my skin and really took her time & effort to highlight all of my features. She has a wonderful attitude that makes it really easy to talk to her and build rapport with. She is a solid communicator. When I helped my bride set this up, we had a mix up with the dates. Jennifer did everything she could to move her schedule around & it worked out perfectly. That type of effort definitely does not go unnoticed & we appreciate her for that! The bridal party looked stunning and I can confidently say, I would love to book her all of my big moments too!

Helen Bentley

I had a low-key ceremony and got married at home in front of friends and family. I follow a minimalist makeup routine so I wanted my look to be as close to "every day" as possible with a little more pop. Jen took the time to listen to my ideas and address my concerns. She has done a significant amount of work in other areas outside of wedding makeup, so I knew I could count on her to be versatile and flexible without making me feel "boxed in" to the overly done bridal look that I was opposed to and dreaded. I was incredibly happy to feel natural and comfortable in my own skin after she finished putting on my makeup. She really went above and beyond my expectations. The experience was one of the best I've had. She is dedicated to her art, knowledgeable, and confident. Moreover, she has a strong work ethic that makes her one of the best industry professionals to work with and rely on. Thanks for the pretty memories, Jen!

Hillary Phan

Jen Pham is the kind of makeup artist that is very personable and extremely talented in figuring out what would complement your features beautifully without altering how you look. She's the first person to make me love her work more than my bare face, because I still looked like myself. The compliment(s) that I hope for when my makeup is professionally done would be "You look absolutely amazing!" rather than "Wow! You look so different with makeup on!" I met her briefly for the first time while she was working on my younger sister for a school dance. My younger sister is already naturally beautiful, but when I saw the final product of Jen's work I was in awe at how absolutely breathtaking my sister was. That's Jen's specialty- making jaws drop when people see her clients. My first experience with Jen was at my sister's wedding. I loved how she took the time to find out my preferences as well as just to get to know me during our session. She did such an amazing job at the wedding that I was already looking forward to a future event so that I could have her work her magic again. My makeup didn't need touch-ups once-and as a bridesmaid, that's very impressive. Even though I never asked, every so often Jen would come up to me during the wedding to check her work and ask if there was anything I wanted her to fix. Even when I declined, she'd pull out gloss and do a quick little touch up. I really like that about her-how she goes the extra mile to make all of her clients feel cared for- especially since I was just a bridesmaid. Several months down the road, my graduation photo shoot arrived and I completely forgot to book Jen. She was so kind to squeeze me in that day. She didn't make me feel like a burden nor that she was in a rush to get me finished. I mentioned to her the uneven lids I had, and she took the time to have them come out even for the photos. She did a different look on me this time and I fell in love with this look too! I was skipping to my car as I was heading to the shoot, because I was so elated at how beautiful she made me look and feel. The pictures turned out so wonderful! I absolutely love my graduation photos, because of her. Thank you so much Jen for always making me look so stunning and special. 

Tran H

I contacted Jennifer to do hair and makeup for my maternity photoshoot in Santa Monica. She replied back within hours and was very sweet and professional. I were so glad that she was available to squeeze me in. I met her at my house and we had great time talking and chatting while she did her magic. Her skill is amazing and I love the look she chose for me. My photographer kept complimenting on my hair & make up. I can't wait to book her again for my next family photoshoot.

Jenny Phan

I am SO SO SO SO glad that Phamous Beauty was available for my wedding day! She made me feel absolutely beautiful on my big day! She's such a sweetheart and my bridesmaids absolutely loved how they looked! I met JP through mutual friends and saw that being a makeup artist wasn't just her career.. but her passion! You can tell when she does your makeup that she's passionate about bringing out the most beautiful version of yourself. My mom was hesitant about getting her makeup done for my wedding because she's all about being natural (only wears a hint of makeup for special occasions) but she absolutely loved her minimal look for my wedding! Definitely booking JP again for any and all my future "big moments" <3 Thanks for making me and all the girls look flawless! 

Kelly Phe

Jen did my make-up for both the wedding day and engagement photoshoot. She also did the make-up for the bridal party and mom. Everyone loved her! She is detailed, easy to talk to and gives recommendations during the process. There is a passion that you are able to clearly see in Jen. I am extremely indecisive, and am pretty easy going, which is probably the worst client to have. However, Jen made the process fun, was professional and catered the make up to match each personality. I would recommend her 100%!

Katie Truong 

I had a great experience during my makeup session with Jennifer. It was for my brother's wedding. She came over to my house and did me and my mom's makeup. She made me feel very comfortable...I'm not use to wearing makeup on a regular basis. I showed her my dress and she gave me options/suggestions on colors. I felt so pretty that evening. It was flawless and lasted all night. I received lots of compliments. My mom's makeup was very pretty too. She did a great job. I highly recommend her to everyone

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